Audio Transfers

Digital-Audio computer files (and other options) made from your recordings from these audio recording types:

Digital sources:
• Tascam Hi8 Digital Audio 8-Track Tapes
• DAT tapes
• MiniDisk recordings.

Analog sources:
• 1/4 inch reel to reel tapes in “1/4 Track” (stereo in both directions) or “1/2 Track” (one direction stereo or both directions monaural) in any of the three speeds of playback available, 3 3/4 IPS, 7 1/2 IPS and 15 IPS.  (Pitch-correction is available!)
• Audio cassettes

Two hourly rates shall apply to my services, both beating the competition.  Of this I’m not just sure, but would be astonished if I can’t offer a lower rate.

Higher Rate:  While I actually devote my full attention to the setup and start of your project as well as the finishing steps the higher rate will apply.

Lower Rate:  While your material is “rolling off” I can turn some of my attention to my other business obligations here in my studio, and offer you a very low hourly rate.

Target Digital-Audio Formats:
• AIFF, Sound Designer and WAVE

Target Media Choices:
• CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, USB Flash or just about anything else you request.
• Cloud or other online storage upload.

Additional services for your material is available.

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