To What do I owe Your Visit?

Maybe because digital media (“hard drives” etc) are now so affordable, you’re thinking that I might transfer your earlier recordings to computer-digital from your originals:
•Tascam Hi8 DTRS, DAT (“Digital Audio Tape”), MD (“MiniDisk”) and older hard-drives and optical media.
•Quarter Inch R/R and Cassette audio tapes. (Check out my unique “sticky-shed” remedy!)
•Recording engineering services might also be available.

Reach me by phone in the Los Angeles Area Code “323”, at 465-9282. Or all you spammers can dash off yet another message by entering:

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Your host/engineer, Bryan Campbell (actually “Music Mixer” was my favorite label [record-biz pun spontaneous]), with studio & concert experience dating back to 1973.
Having assembled a studio of “classic” technologies for my main activity of audio/video publishing at my site, time might permit me to share the tools and talents that I have for your needs.

Thank You for visiting!

Also Rescuing Recordings from Older Formats